Goal Setting Essentials – Step 3

by Tasha on December 15, 2014

Goal Setting with Linkedvirtually

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Here we are on the third step of our goal setting essentials exercise. Hopefully you’ve already completed exercises one and two. If not it’s not too late to go back and view those steps. We’re moving on, so get to those as soon as you can, deal? 

You have completed the brainstorming activity, and the activity on becoming more specific with your goals. You should know what you want and need, and they should be written down on a separate sheet of paper. 

Today we are going to cover how to measurability. To determine if you goals are measurable, ask yourself these questions…. How much? i.e.: how much money do you want to make….. How many? i.e.: How many of a certain item will you need to sell in order to get to that desired amount. How will I know when I have achieved this goal? You’ll need to track this. 

A goal is measurable if you can measure the results. for example, a goal to build a bigger house isn’t measurable. Do you mean bigger for you? Bigger for your entire family and guests? And how will you judge that it’s bigger? A measurable goal would be “Build a 4 bedroom house that will accommodate my family of 3 and a guest bedroom. I will also need a large den and family room for family gatherings since we always love to entertain. This will be done by the last day of August 2015” That is measurable. If you build a 2 bedroom house, you haven’t reached it, but and if you build a 4 or 5 bedroom house, you have. 

Be sure you write down these questions and any answers that you can come up with. No worries, we’re going to get this figured out, but I want you to follow the steps and be sure you’re getting to the heart of the matter. 

Your homework for Thursday: Ask the necessary questions… How much, how many, how often, and how will I know when it is accomplished.

As always, these exercises are always better when done with a friend or family member, be a doll and share 🙂

Together We Succeed, 



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