5 Things You Can Outsource To A Virtual Assistant Right Now

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Nov 14

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We have entered into what I like to call the “family time” months. I say this because here in the United States we have two major holidays quickly approaching, Thanksgiving and Christmas. During this time there is alot of traveling, shopping, and a large amount of time spent with family and friends. It’s hard to focus on the busy side of business during this time of year unless you’re a hobbit or scrooge himself. 🙂 

There is no better time than this to delegate some of those tasks to someone who is available and willing to help you, and that would be a virtual assistant. If you are already finding yourself with stacks of paperwork, digital file system that is a mess, endless to-do lists, and voice messages so long that you cannot deal, then what makes you think it will all get organized during this season? 

5 Tasks That You Can Outsource Right Now:

  • Blog – do you have content just sitting there but can’t find the time to get it posted? Outsource it to a virtual assistant. What might take you hours to do, a virtual assistant can get it done in minutes. Provide your assistant with the content, the photos, and any other nuggets that you would like to provide and it’s done for you. 
  • Schedule – There are so many scheduling tools out there, but if you aren’t using them correctly or often, they tend to not do you any good. Virtual Assistants can deal with many tasks from scheduling appointments with clients, to helping to plan events. Be sure to let your VA know when you like to have family time, or personal events and it all will be scheduled. 
  • Social Media – Do you use social media for your business? (you should) Virtual Assistants can get your posts scheduled for days and even a week or two ahead of time. He/She has it scheduled, but you still need to show up often and reply and build relationships with your clients and friends. Just think about how much time that will free up. A good virtual assistant can and will give you peace of mind. 
  • Online Research – How many hours do you spend researching keywords, ideas for better copy, photos to use in your presentations and blog posts. Those are just a few of the items you search for. As a business owner there are so many tools and apps that you can research until you will end up getting caught up instead of producing content and products that will increase your bottom line. Outsource some of that to a virtual assistant. 
  • Gratitude tasks – I know you’re reading that like, did she say gratitude tasks? Yep I sure did. We are in a season where everyone, whether they admit it or not loves to get gifts. Think about how wonderful and warm a person will feel once they receive a card or a little happy in the mail from you. They will think wow, he/she really does care, and that will lead to more business and a happy returning customer. A virtual assistant can write your holiday cards and/or send thank you notes. Don’t let this consume your time. 

Hiring a virtual assistant for your business can be a great asset to your business. As a virtual assistant, we free up time so you can focus on GROWING your business. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope I have provided you with something you can use going forward. I will be happy to have any questions you might have, comment below or contact me. I am trained to give you peace of mind and quality service. 

Serving in Excellence,


Tasha Smith Virtual Assistant





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