5 Ways to Grow Your Business Big with Facebook

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Jan 20

5 Ways to Grow Your Business Big with Facebook


Grow Like Noone Else


Growing a business through social media can be a scary topic especially if you are new to the business world. Over the last 5 years businesses have turned to social media as an easy way to get the word out about their businesses and what they have to offer. There are so many social media channels out there and it can seem overwhelming because you feel you need to go all in and become a professional in them all at the same time. My suggestion is to start with two and grow from there. The main social media channel that I would start with is Facebook, and then I would join twitter. Facebook and twitter can kind of go hand in hand especially when it comes to posting, but we’ll talk about how to merge the two together at a later date.

Facebook doesn’t need an introduction, but it was started so that people both friends and strangers could get to know one another a little better, and it was started for college students only, but that soon changed. Friends, classmates, relatives, and even the elderly began to find each other and get a peek of what was going on in others lives all over the world. Isn’t that amazing? Who would have thought that something intended for one campus would spread like wild fire all over the globe.

Once different people started to join Facebook, then random people started to advertise on their personal pages and sell things (some legal, some not). That’s when Facebook began to set more rules, one of them being that is against Facebook rules and guidelines to sell anything from your personal page and can lead to you being banned from Facebook. Some people didn’t know that, others do and don’t follow the rules. I want you to be different; I want you to follow the guidelines and BUILD BIG BUSINESSES! When you do things in order, Facebook will back you 100%. That is why I have created 5 tips for you to grow your business big with Facebook.

1. Use Promoted Posts

  •  Promoted posts appear higher in news feeds, that means there is a better chance your audience will see them. When you promote a post, you have the option to target people that have similar interests as your niche. This can be very effective for your business if used properly. Be sure you have a goal as to who you want to reach, how many you want to reach and have great content so that when they arrive they stay there.

2. An eye catching FREE offer

  •  You might be thinking what does my free offer have to do with social media? Answer: It has everything to do with social media, if your page is set up correctly, your free offer will be offered on that page and when your perspective clients click it, it will direct them to your page. Give them something great because after all you want them coming back for more. Consumers love freebies! No one wants to sign up for something that is not going to help them. If you already have a free offer, great! Read over it, or listen to it and then ask yourself, “Am I being unique or like everyone else” and then ask yourself, “Is this something that would benefit me if I were looking” IF you answered to no to either one of these questions, then you have work to do. Change the copy and the graphic and try again. Great FREE offers lead to conversion, which leads to your bottom line growing with returning clients.

3. Create a community

  •  This one is crucial. When you build your Facebook business page, you want to have a goal to build relationship. Get to know your prospects “new likes”. Search them, read their pages, welcome them to your community. Be sure to ask them what they need and what they would like to see from you. This should be a part of your research daily. You should never stop building relationships. Share your life, offer your products, and offer your heart. This one step alone will keep them coming back because you are sharing your world. Be sure you are adding great content and asking for engagement on your page. You want to support your community and in return your community will support you.

4. Know your niche

  •  This step should be done before you even decide to call yourself an entrepreneur. I say that because you cannot be a Jane of all trades. Pick one, no more than two and master them. When you know your niche, whom you’re targeting, and what to say, you will build the business of your dreams. A big profitable business is what you want right? Do you know how to figure out what your niche is? If not contact me for your FREE 30-minute consultation and I will help you lay some groundwork on finding your niche.

5. Call to Actions

  •  A call to action can be a button, a banner, a graphic, or text that urges the reader to take action. A call to action is critical if you want conversion. You can build a huge community with triple engagement, have the perfect niche, and have banging content but if you don’t have a call to action somewhere in there, EVERYDAY, then your bottom line will not move up. It is not business etiquette to have a call to action on every post because the reader will be able to tell that all you want to do is sell sell sell. You should throw your call to action in your copy at least 3 times per day. It is good to be direct, but most of the time you can add a call to action without people even knowing it’s a call to action. Follow my page to find out what I mean.

I have given you 5 effective methods that can be used to help you grow your business using Facebook. Be sure you’re a part of the conversation and not just another business selling selling selling.

I’d love to hear from you, go over to my Facebook Page and tell me what methods you are using to grow your business with social media.

Here’s to building big businesses.



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