Always Aim for Amazing!

By Tasha | Motivation

Jan 07

Amazing View

What do you appear to be? 


Look at that view! Isn’t it amazing? 

How is your view? I mean what do you appear to be to people, do you appear one way but are the totally opposite?  As I grow my business, I begin to look at people and how they act. I look at the things they like to do. When I was in high school we had this thing about having to have new outfits every friday to wear. My parents never understood this. We weren’t in uniforms then like most schools in the area are now. We had a dress code, and we knew how to dress to impress. I remember my mom used to say why on earth do you need so much so often. My dad didn’t say a word he pulled out the check book and gave me whatever I requested.

Moving along to a few years after graduation I realized my parents sacrificed alot for us to have the things we desired. They weren’t filthy rich although they appeared to be. To me the unseen bank account appeared amazing. It appeared that I could get whatever I wanted because they never said no. How do you appear? On social media, do you appear to be this loving person that is always concerned about your fellow sister or brother, but in reality you’re horrible? Do you appear to have tough skin and don’t take anyone’s mess, but in reality you’re as delicate as a butterfly? 

I said all of that to say that it is always best to show people exactly who you are and what you have. If you don’t have alot but act as though you do people will expect just that of you. They will want you to give and give and give. I don’t mean get on social media and say I have millions of dollars in the bank, who wants it. What I mean is to always be true, always be the same everywhere. I know you might be going through a rough patch right now and sometimes it may seem hard to post something positive. Don’t you know that someone is always looking. That very moment that you decide to post something great might save someone’s life. 

I challenge you to be amazing. Be that person that shares exactly what they are going through and ask God to show up in your life and help you to reach the world. People are waiting on you to be more and to do more. You have a gift that needs to be shared. What is it? Share it with me here, or over on my Facebook page where I hang out everyday.

I can’t wait to hear how amazing you are. 

Here’s to you! 



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