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Mar 08

Frustrated With Social Media



It’s Not As Hard As It May Seem!


Have you seen those helpful books in most bookstores? _________ for dummies…. Well today’s post comes from a thought about those books. I have spoken to several people, some clients and some not. They almost always say the same thing, “I’m a dummy when it comes to facebook.” Well I beg to differ because whenever any of us embark on a new journey we often think we are behind but actually we are new to it, and with time we will have it mastered. Let me be the first to say you are not a dummy. You are a dreamer who has stepped out on faith and has decided to build your dream, so walk in it. Now I can step down off of my soapbox and get to business. J

 Facebook isn’t hard, as a matter of fact it’s pretty self explanatory but some people are using it for all the wrong reasons. Let’s start with your personal profile. If you’re building a business, please don’t sell on your personal profile page. I’m letting you know this out of love and informing you that facebook will shut you down. So the best thing for you to do is to build a business page, this is fairly easy and can be done in minutes. Building the actual engagement on the page by providing quality content is what takes the hard work. You can’t just throw something out there and expect people to understand it. You must direct people on what you want them to do. Also don’t be salesy and pushy, NOONE and I do mean no one wants a product or service when they feel bullied. Now if you get the sale by being pushy, good for you but guess what, you won’t keep them as a long term client or customer. I mean that with love. Your long-term goal is to help, am I right? If you’re only there to make a profit, then you will not be in business long. Please look at the big picture.

 Now that you are clear on what to provide and how to approach, let’s talk about when to post. Having any social media presence requires consistency. (Write that down and remember it). If you’re offering a product or service and you only show up to make a couple of sales, people will notice it and figure you out. Show up with great content, and be consistent with it. Provide motivation, share a behind the scenes picture, give a peek into your life, best of all – give something away. You want to be sure you are posting at least 5-7 times per day, everyday. As any good business owner, please don’t post all night long, your page needs rest along with you.

 Business Owners need love to:

 Sometimes as business owners you also need motivation. If you’re going through some things and you need time to back away from social media and get your personal life together, set up a way for your posts to be done while you’re away. Let your fans know that you will be away for “x” amount of days and let them know who to contact if they need you. If you’re not taking care of you, your business will suffer also. Have a plan, set those goals, and believe God to help you.

 Lastly, although there is so much more to cover, let’s talk about profiting. Be sure to have a call to action somewhere once or twice a day. Whether you’re asking them to sign up to your lists or asking them to buy a product, be sure you’re posting just that. If you need help with this last step be sure to set up your 30 minute free consultation and we can talk about your needs and steps to take.

 I hope I have provided you with a few valid tips and encouraged you to no longer call yourself a dummy.

 Here’s to peace of mind and quality service,



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