Really? You Want That For Free?

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Feb 18

Business Etiquette 101

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Do you have a special skill or offer a service that is really needed? Did you take all those courses and spend all of that time learning your specific skill only to do it for free? I didn’t think so.

Not only is it insulting, but it is down right disrespectful for a person to ask for your time and energy only to say I don’t have anything to pay you, but you will get publicity for your work. My first thought is, if you have all of these followers and all of this publicity and you aren’t selling products something is clearly wrong with your marketing. Sometimes a person will try to test you just to see where you stand and what type of “backbone” you have.

It’s not a good look.

We should all be respectful of others businesses. If they offer a product or service that you need, maybe you have a product or service that they may also be in need of. Please don’t just say, “I can’t pay you.”

Take pride in what you do! Set your price and your standards. The clients that are serious about your work and what they need, will not hesitate letting YOU service them.

Get back at it, your clients are waiting!

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Jessica March 30, 2013

This is so True! When I have people who keep asking for free advice, but don’t want to pay for my coaching, it is insulting.

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