What’s Holding You Back?

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Oct 18


take action towards your future

Are You Ready For A Better Future?

Start to live your best life now.

Many of you are at the point where you are frustrated, broke, and looking for more. You know you have so much to offer but don’t know where to start or who to trust. You know you need more and you want more for your family, but you keep taking the wrong turn.

You’ve held onto this job year after year hoping one day that big pay off would come. I am here to tell you that the job you are on is designed to make someone else rich, not you. Take the first step right now towards changing the future of you and your family.

Plan your breakthrough. Use what you have now and start saving for your future. The job you are on now will help to finance you owning your own life. Start to work on your business plan so that you will know where you need to start, how much money you will need (if any), and where you want your one person or one hundred person company to one day be.

Some of you want to work from your home. Decide what you are going to do working from home. What are you good at? Where will your income or clients come from? Prepare. Some of you have skills that are needed immediately. Someone is waiting on your service.

When will you start? Tomorrow, Friday, October 19, I challenge you to grab a journal. It doesn’t have to be this fancy leather bound piece of art. Get something to write in that will hold your daily thoughts, aspirations, and plans. I want you to name it, MY FUTURE. Begin to journal. Each day take action. Put back one dollar per day if you have to. Just know that you are working on building your own empire. Hear me clearly, your own empire!

You were designed to lead. 

I’m holding you accountable for your future. Ready! Set! Go!

In Your Corner,

Tasha Smith


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Shannon October 19, 2012

Love the header

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