Goal Setting Essentials – Step 2

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Dec 11

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Welcome back! If you’re here for the goal setting exercise, that means you’re really serious and want to grab your future by the horns.

So here we are at step 2! On the previous post I asked you to sit down and think about where you are now. Where you are in business. Where you are in life. Where you are in finances.  Your assignment was to write all of that down, and then to think about what you think you need to do to get there if you haven’t accomplished it yet. Are you clear on that step? Good! 

Often times I have found that clients I work with know what they want, well kind of. Let’s look at an example: Faye wanted a family car. That’s great Faye, but you’re missing something. God will bless you with a family car, but you must be specific. When we went back to the board Faye was ready and clear on what she wanted. Faye wanted a black Lincoln Navigator with a GPS installed, and she wanted to have it by July 17, 2015. Now this is how you goal set. You must be specific. You must sit down and figure out what you want and how you want it. 

You see, you can’t really sit down and figure out your goals if you don’t know what you want. You know you want more, but what down more mean? Do you want more money, more peace, more love? Be specific on what you want and then we can move on to the next step. Let me give you an example: have you seen the commercial where the guy has a genie in his garage, the genie says, “you get one wish.” Instantly, and without thinking, the guy yells, “I want a million bucks.” The genie granted his wish. There were a million bucks (deer) in his front yard and taking over his neighborhood. Funny right? 


I want you to sit down and look over what you wrote on Monday, except this time I want you to separate them and then be specific. For instance if you wrote down more money, bigger house, vacation, family time, I want you to write them each on their own sheet of paper and get specific with them. You want a bigger house, write down what kind, how many rooms, brick or vinyl, got it? And then go on to the next goal, but on another sheet of paper.

Meet me here Monday Dec. 15, 2014 so you can get the next step! Oh yea, aren’t these exercises always better with a buddy? Share this post with a friend who needs some structure and kick some major bootay in 2015! 

See Ya Monday, 



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