Let Tasha Mentor YOU

The Linked Virtually Mentorship Program

What if you could do what you love, stay at home while doing it, and make tons of cash.

Imagine that…

The next time you need to take off for a concert, game, or just take a well day, you won’t have to put in ahead of time with your boss, or fake a sick call in because you’re all out of days.

You just got laid off without notice on a Friday afternoon, you won’t have to wonder what you are going to do before the next pay day to compensate for that time. 

Your child has another event, although he just had one last week, you won’t have to put in and get penalized or talked down to for missing excessively.

Would that be the life you’d love? 

Home Office Setup


INTRODUCING…..”  The “Linked Virtually Mentorship Program”!  I will teach you how to be a professional and profitable at ALL times, while creating the life you love! The Linked Virtually Mentorship Program is designed to give you step by step instructions on getting started in business. In addition you will gain the knowledge of how to run an online business, tools to make your business run smoothly, and how to make it all work in a mobile culture.

Whether you are looking to go at it full-time or part-time, this program is for you!


The Linked Virtually Mentorship program includes everything you will need whether you are a beginner or advanced.

Here’s how you’ll know…

  • Maybe you have a brick and mortar that you are looking to move to online, yep this program is for you as well.
  • This is a perfect opportunity for the mom that stays at home and doesn’t want to go back to work while building someone else’s dream.
  • It’s a perfect opportunity for that Dad that has been laid off and actively seeking employment.
  • Fresh out of college, degree just sitting around collecting dust? This program is for you. 

And what qualifies me to mentor you…

tasha3I am Tasha Smith and my clients love to tell me I am the most effective Virtual Assistant they have worked with and my leadership skills have really helped them grow their business. In addition to this service, I’ve also built a fitness coaching business that not only helps my clients get the results they’ve been looking for but also helps me feel good too. So as you can see, I have developed a track record of success in business and in my client’s businesses so you’ll only learn what’s proven to work. Because of this, I have been able to create my ideal life. 

So… many of you have been asking the question, how you, too can create an income working from the comfort of your home so you can fire your boss and change your life and I would like to show you the way. You see, I am not only an online business manager, but I am also a wife and mom of 3, so I totally understand why you want that freedom and I am now ready to help you prosper in business and life by paying it forward

THERE IS NO ONE teaching this online today

Here’s just some of what we will be covering in the 90-Day Mentorship program:

  • Understanding Your Niche {How to find it, and know it’s what you were designed to do}
  • How to set up an online presence and why this is important
  • Engagement and why relationships can build or tear down your business
  • Ads and how to create your first one for under $10.00
  • Business Building In A Mobile Culture
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, Pinterest, Instagram (setup and connecting them)
  • E-mail Marketing (step by step) and how to have deposits even while you sleep
  • How and Why to advertise Internationally 
  • How to write your first blog post and what to say 
  • Setting up a blog 
  • When to outsource
  • Google for business 
  • Staying in a positive mindset in a negative environment
  • Time Management
  • How to set up websites and who to call when you’re stuck
  • How to set up promotions i.e.: “Black Friday” 
  • And so much more 



  • 1 Hour Trainings (1 per month)
  • 6 thirty minute MP3 trainings for you to learn at your own pace (2 per month)
  • 1 Hour Group Calls (1 per month)
  • 30 Minute Private Strategy Calls one-on-one (1 per month per individual) 
  • Private Facebook group for interaction, questions, and accountability.
  • FREE Membership in the Inner Circle – 45 days ($85.00 value)
  • 1 done for you Facebook business page setup with customized header 
  • Weekly Lessons 




Bonus:  Customized Strategy Binder for the first 10 to sign up, (MAILED TO YOUR HOME)! Bonus 2: 30 Minute Private Mastermind Call to the first 5 to sign up today! 

This program is being offered for an introductory rate of $697.00 (You will never see this price again)


3- EZ Payments of $232.00 for Entire Program