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Dec 16

A little happy goes a long way!

By Tasha | Uncategorized

A little happy! It’s that time of year again! 

I love gift giving. I love the spirit of the holiday season, and for the most part everyone seems so nice and good spirits (unless you’re in walmart during rush hour). 🙂 

Do you give gifts during this season or are you a scrooge? 

I’m sure you’re reading this and thinking: gifting? I don’t have the funds for that and to spend on those closest to me. 

Well I’m here to tell you that the ones you don’t know sometime need blessing way more than the ones you do know. Often times the people you know, you tend to also know their business like what they need or don’t need. The people you don’t know often times need financial and spiritual blessings. Think about a time when you had alot but you didn’t have the desires of your heart. Think about that for a moment. 

A little happy goes a long way! What do I mean by that? Recently I was a little down in my spirit, not because I don’t have this or I don’t have that, merely because during the season I get to thinking of everyone and people that simply don’t have anything at all. I especially think of the children. During my sitting and rocking Friday morning, there was a knock on the door. I’m instantly thinking who could that be. It was the UPS delivery guy. If you’re like me you know when you order something and when you don’t. I was thinking he had the wrong address, or maybe my husband ordered something. Low and behold there was the cutest pink and black box addressed to me (see pic below). Inside were cupcakes from one of my clients. This gift was totally unexpected because I usually get a card or a thank you here and there. I told you this story because that delivery brightened up my day. I was like wow people really do care and they notice. 

Cupcakes 2013

Before you get your gift wrapping tape in a wad let me be clear. You don’t have to send gourmet cupcakes or even anything of a monetary value. Have you ever tried sending e-cards? There’s a huge amount of FREE e-cards online that only take a few minutes to send out. Wouldn’t it be awesome for your clients, church members, or even neighbors to receive a little happy like that from you. Your words of holiday spirit, cheer, and encouragement would brighten up their day. 

If you really want to get crafty and have the resources try making cards or a little happy for someone special this holiday season. Anything baked is always tasty and from the heart. 

Get your kids involved so that they can share in the gift of giving. 

If you don’t have the time for this, this is an inexpensive task that you can contact a Virtual Assistant for. 

What little happy do you plan to use in order to make a heart smile this holiday season? 

I’d love to hear from you. 

Feb 28

How To Outsource Effectively

By Tasha | Uncategorized

Need a Virtual Assistant, but don’t know how to get one? 

Outsourcing Your Dream

No one knows your business the way you know it. You know the vision, so therefore you know how you want it to look and work for you. With that being said, it’s okay to want to make sure that everything is always done the way you want it. 

In order for you to make sure your business is running just as you want, you’ll have to add project manager to your title. With your new title, you’re farther away from focusing on the profitable side of your business. 

Why Not Team Up With A Virtual Assistant?

Steps to Outsourcing effectively:

  • Create a guide of what you want done and share your vision. 
  • Set aside time for Skype, email, or some form of contact with your VA. This is just a quick check in to make sure things are flowing as scheduled.
  • Be sure to provide various ways of contact – in case of immediate questions. Social Media won’t wait. 
This is your business. Virtual Assistants are there for you and help to carry the load. 
Don’t stress, get out of the mess, call a VA! 
The end result is that you run a happy, stress free, profitable business. 
I want to know of any tasks you have that might need delegating. I have made it easy for you to comment below, or to get more personal join me on my Facebook page
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