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Oct 22

4 Simple Tricks for All Day Energy

By Tasha | Uncategorized

Having Trouble Staying Alert?

Stay Awake


It happens to the best of us. Everyday around the same time, we fall into a slump. Some of you might wake up tired! That sounds crazy right? You sleep all night and then wake up thinking you’ll be alert and ready to take on the day. 

Do you run out of steam midday? 

I have put together 4 Simple Tricks for All Day Energy! 

Problem 1: What’s going on in your bedroom? I’m not talking about anything kinky. Studies have shown that a large percentage of people spend their time before falling asleep in bed on social networks, and some say the last thing they do before closing their eyes is check for texts. That’s a huge NO NO! The bright lights from gadgets may stimulate brain activity and reduce melatonin levels, which may make it difficult to both fall asleep and perk up the next day. 

Solution: Make your bed a NO GADGET ZONE! Put your iPad, notebook, and phone chargers in another room. We all want to start the day fully powered, including your gadgets. 

Problem 2: Are you hydrated? Cut back on fruit juices, sodas, and also flavored water. All of these contain loads of sugar and can cause fatigue. 

Solution: You can never go wrong with water. Be sure you’re getting 8oz. a day or more. Not to favorable of water, add your own fruits i.e.: blackberries & mint, peaches & cinnamon, strawberries, just to name a few. 

Problem 3: Look around…. What do you see? Are you surrounded by clutter? Clutter has a negative impact on your productivity. 

Solution: Make it easy on yourself, clean up and get organized. It is good to put things away as you use them. Wash dishes as you cook. File papers back after you use them. This will save time and the clutter will not accumulate. 

Problem 4: How’s your health? How have you been feeling lately. Have you had your thyroid checked? 

Solution: If you’re dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s, have a great organized clutter free area, no stress, and get a full night’s rest, then it may be time to call your physician. Explain to them how you’re feeling and get the proper tests to make sure you’re in good health and living your best life. 

Do you have any energy boosting tricks? I’d love to hear how you stay energized all day. 

Bio   Tasha Smith is an A Real Change Certified Virtual Assistant with years of customer service experience. She has a Bachelors degree in business management and marketing. She specializes in helping women on the move succeed in business and everyday life. If you have found this article to be of value, please share.


Oct 10

Be a better you

By Tasha | Uncategorized



be better

Have you been down lately? Feeling overwhelmed? Me to. I have found that keeping a journal is an excellent practice for growth and letting things out that we sometimes don’t have the courage to say out loud. It is also good to keep a list of people you are praying for in your journal.  Learn to build healthy relationships. Sometimes people are dealing with bad days and don’t know how to get out of the hurt and anger so they tend to lash out on you. There is always an upside to every situation. In order to build healthy relationships, you must first know yourself and what you have to offer. Are you encouraging and can lend an ear to a friend? offer that. Are you a neat freak and know someone that is down and struggling with their mess? offer that. Are you good with children and can help someone with their kids today for only a few minutes? offer that. When we feel like we have nothing to offer, often times we are wrong. You have so much to give. Life is meant to be enjoyed and shared with those you love as well as strangers. Look around you. Do you see someone that looks to be struggling? There is always someone that is doing much worse than we are. People look for positive, warm, inviting atmospheres when looking for friends and acquaintances. Have you taken the time to sit back and look at some of the people in your life? Ask yourself why are they here. Are they keeping me lifted or tearing me down? If you aren’t around positive like minded people with goals equal to yours, change them now. You can never get different results by doing the same things over and over. From time to time we all struggle to uplift, but if there is someone that is always negative and everything you offer gets a lashing it’s time to move on. Their season is over in your life. Pray for positivity. I want you to know that I love you. I’m glad you are here. Do you have goals? Let’s get together and reach them. Let’s lift up your strengths and accomplishments and celebrate them. I encourage you to seek and live according to God’s will for your lives.