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Oct 22

4 Simple Tricks for All Day Energy

By Tasha | Uncategorized

Having Trouble Staying Alert?

Stay Awake


It happens to the best of us. Everyday around the same time, we fall into a slump. Some of you might wake up tired! That sounds crazy right? You sleep all night and then wake up thinking you’ll be alert and ready to take on the day. 

Do you run out of steam midday? 

I have put together 4 Simple Tricks for All Day Energy! 

Problem 1: What’s going on in your bedroom? I’m not talking about anything kinky. Studies have shown that a large percentage of people spend their time before falling asleep in bed on social networks, and some say the last thing they do before closing their eyes is check for texts. That’s a huge NO NO! The bright lights from gadgets may stimulate brain activity and reduce melatonin levels, which may make it difficult to both fall asleep and perk up the next day. 

Solution: Make your bed a NO GADGET ZONE! Put your iPad, notebook, and phone chargers in another room. We all want to start the day fully powered, including your gadgets. 

Problem 2: Are you hydrated? Cut back on fruit juices, sodas, and also flavored water. All of these contain loads of sugar and can cause fatigue. 

Solution: You can never go wrong with water. Be sure you’re getting 8oz. a day or more. Not to favorable of water, add your own fruits i.e.: blackberries & mint, peaches & cinnamon, strawberries, just to name a few. 

Problem 3: Look around…. What do you see? Are you surrounded by clutter? Clutter has a negative impact on your productivity. 

Solution: Make it easy on yourself, clean up and get organized. It is good to put things away as you use them. Wash dishes as you cook. File papers back after you use them. This will save time and the clutter will not accumulate. 

Problem 4: How’s your health? How have you been feeling lately. Have you had your thyroid checked? 

Solution: If you’re dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s, have a great organized clutter free area, no stress, and get a full night’s rest, then it may be time to call your physician. Explain to them how you’re feeling and get the proper tests to make sure you’re in good health and living your best life. 

Do you have any energy boosting tricks? I’d love to hear how you stay energized all day. 

Bio   Tasha Smith is an A Real Change Certified Virtual Assistant with years of customer service experience. She has a Bachelors degree in business management and marketing. She specializes in helping women on the move succeed in business and everyday life. If you have found this article to be of value, please share.


Jul 25

Be Like Nike And Just Do It

By Tasha | Uncategorized

Take A Day Off


When was the last time you took a day off only for pleasure? 

There are so many people in your shoes. They can’t remember the last time they took a day off unless they were sick. Delegating tasks isn’t hard to do, and it isn’t as expensive as you may think. Let’s take Mary for an example. Mary is married with children and on a very tight budget. She wanted to go on a weekend trip but knew she couldn’t leave her business unattended. She decided to contact a virtual assistant. After discussing what she needed, like email management, phone call maintenance, and social media management, Mary hated that she had waited so long. Talking and explaining her needs weren’t as hard as she had thought. Mary didn’t have to micromanage anyone, she left it in the hands of the VA. Mary checked in here and there while she was away to make sure things were going smoothly. When Mary returned she was provided with an analytical report, and time assessment for the time spent on her projects. She was also provided with social media stats showing engagement and what was and was not working for her business that weekend. Not only was Mary in awe, she was rested, her family loved that she wasn’t working while away, and her business didn’t suffer. 

Do you ever get overwhelmed with “work”? 

I wonder if you ever find yourself thinking of work after work? 

Contracting with a Virtual Assistant is not hard, it will not break the bank, and it will free up your time to spend with loved ones, and also allow you time to focus on your product or skill. 

Can’t wait to serve you, 


P. S. How can I help? I’m here 24/7 on Facebook when you need me. Well I do sleep, but either myself or someone on my team will contact you in a short time. 🙂 


May 20

Is this stoping you too?

By Tasha | Encouragement

Break Every Chain


breaking generational curses


I did it! I finally graduated! If you are feeling stuck or in a slump this post is for YOU! 

When I first decided to share my story and write this post, I wondered if it would offend my siblings and even my parents. After much thought, I realized that what I am stating what I’m feeling and what I feel to be truth in my heart. After high school I decided to attend college, and just like so many others I didn’t make it through to graduate. I used the death of my grandmother as an excuse to not go back. We all know that grades accumulate over a semester and not within a weeks time. It’s true she was sick for a while and I would go to see her when I could, but I was young and naive, so I ran with that excuse. 

Not finishing what I started has always haunted me. I wanted so badly to be able to say look I have my degree mom and dad finally. I decided to go back and stick with it. There were some long nights and early mornings, but I wrote every paper and studied the best I knew how. It’s difficult to run a business, be a wife, and mom of 3 and try to pass classes. Let’s be clear, I’m not 18 anymore (just a few years over though :)). 

I’m writing this post for YOU!!! I am the first to receive a college degree out of my entire family, and to be honest I feel really proud. My parents didn’t graduate from high school, my siblings did but not college. I felt like I was trapped and would fall into the same path. I wanted more. I wanted to show my children that I really do practice what I preach. How about you? Are you stuck? Have you started something and want badly to finish? Get back to it!!! Find your way back! You’re probably saying, Hmmmmm it’s easy for her to say, but no it wasn’t easy. I felt guilty! Guilty that I wasn’t holding up my end of the marriage bargain. Guilty that my children were not getting the proper attention from me that they desired because of a paper that I procrastinated to write. 

Look around you! Take inventory of your environment! Are there people on your team that are lifting you up or bringing you down? Do you have supporters (you need support). Find people that have made it to where you want to go, and become friends with them. If they are on social media look at how they act and carry themselves. 

You have the right to determine where people fit in your life in every season of your life, but don’t let people tell you where they fit in YOUR life! 

I pray increase over you, and pray that God will open up doors that noone can close in your life. God is about to pour out blessings over you and your family that you won’t have room enough to receive. Be a blessing. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and can take something away from it. Do me a favor and find me on facebook and tell me how you will break away from whatever bondage is holding you back. 

Continued Blessings, 


May 16

Did You See Me Fall?

By Tasha | Uncategorized

Fell Off the Wagon


I Fell Off The Wagon!


Well looks like I am back. First of all let me start by apologizing. I offer my sincere apologies if you feel isolated or a sense of neediness. I will be the first to admit that I fell off the wagon! What wagon is that? The blogging consistently wagon. 

Have you ever been told to be sure to take care of yourself while you are taking care of others? Well guess what? I didn’t take care of myself. All of my client’s content is nice and spiffy and in order. They are all seeing tremendous results and getting more engagement because of me. But guess what? I haven’t written a blog post for linkedvirtually since March! Is that pathetic or what? I’m furious at myself for putting it off week after week. 

I’m sure you’ve said to yourself, I’ll do it tomorrow when I have more time. Tomorrow comes and then next week comes, and next thing you know two months have passed by. I pledge right here and right now never to leave you like that again (at least not without a valid explanation). 

This post is a lesson for me and you both. Stop putting off what you can do right now for tomorrow. First of all tomorrow may not ever come, and the world is waiting on you right now. They need you, they need your product, they need your content. 

Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing. 

Do me a favor, come on over to Facebook and tell me if you are pledging to get back at it also. I can’t wait to hear from you. 





Tasha is the visionary and CEO of Linked Virtually. She is a wife, mom of 3 and a recent graduate with her Bachelor’s in Business Management. She is successfully running 2 full-time businesses from home. She is a virtual assistant and Independent Beach Body Coach at tashafitcoach.com 

Feb 25

Time Management Anyone Can Use

By Tasha | Uncategorized

Stress is Everywhere! 

Stress in the office

When stressed, your work will show it. Stress is an energy eater, and will stop production in its tracks. 

Minimizing stress will lead to better focus and increase time management. 

Let’s look at some steps to help you manage your time and keep you on top of your schedule. 

  1. Make to do lists (write down everything). When you can see what needs to be done, there’s a greater chance of getting them done and then scratch them off. Something as simple as ‘brush teeth’ should be written down. 
  2. Put a time on tasks. An example of this is: If you know it only takes 5 minutes to brush your teeth then you should write down 9:00-9:05 brush teeth, scratch it off. 
  3. No interruptions. Interruptions and distractions are of the devil. They come to kill time and productivity. Turn that cell on mute, write down a specific time to check email, and get to work. 
  4. Use “extra time” wisely. You’re probably saying, “I never have extra time.” Anytime there are a few extra minutes in your day where you find yourself waiting, that is when you can complete some of the smaller tasks on your list. Extra time may come in the form of: doctor visits (waiting room), sitting in traffic (remember to lock your doors), or even at the salon or barber shop. 
If you follow me on Facebook, you know that every Sunday I tell you to grab that “to-do list” and get to planning. 
I hope today’s article has been of help to you. I look forward to helping you and your business with your time management skills and to do lists.
Serving in Excellence,