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Oct 31

Trick or Treat?

By Tasha | Uncategorized

Trick or Treat Caramel


What is it really?


Your website is your storefront. In many cases it provides a prospect’s first impression of your company. You know what they say about first impressions; you can only make one, and it better count. The good news is that keeping in mind a few fundamentals and making a few simple tweaks to your website can take it from boring to bright. You can create a website that attracts visitors, converts clients, and helps you build a prosperous and exciting business. 

5 Things Your Website Needs to Attract More Clients


1. Invitation To Friend/Follow On Social Media: Social is way more than a trend. It is an essential for most industries as a website itself. Just having a social media presence isn’t enough, you have to let people see that you are there, and that you care. Invite them to interact. As everyone to “Follow me on Facebook” and give them the direct link to your page. 

2Easy Navigation: Make sure your visitors can find their way around your site. If you don’t know how to accomplish this, then contact a Virtual Assistant. Be sure your navigation tabs are relevant and easy to read. Add a search function so visitors can head directly to the page or information they are looking for.

3. Inquire Form: What do you want people to do when they’re at your site and they have a question? You might already have a FAQ page (hopefully you do, but what if the answer to a visitor’s question isn’t on that page? You want your visitor to be able to reach out and ask their question. It has to be easy for them to contact you. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is to have a contact form on your site. Once they have entered they information, you or your customer service assistant can promptly respond. 

4. Newsletter: Email marketing is still one of the most powerful means to con net with your prospects, build relationships and make sales. However, your email newsletter has to be valuable. Make sure it provides different value than your website content. Make sure your newsletter subscribers receive unique content that is valuable. 

5. Target Market: Who is your target market, and when they visit your site is it obvious that you are talking to them? Your target market are the people who your products and services are designed to help. They’re the people whose problems you solve.  If you’re unsure who your target market is then it’s time you stop and conduct some research. Craft your website to appeal to your ideal prospect. 

There you have it, 5 ways you can improve your website and make it stand out. Start with this 5 because I have more to add. Each step you take, helps your business to grow, provides value to your prospects, and attracts more people to you and your online business. 

The content was your treat! The picture however, what do you think it is? I would love your answer. Comment below what you think the above picture is. I will let you know. 🙂 

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May 20

Is this stoping you too?

By Tasha | Encouragement

Break Every Chain


breaking generational curses


I did it! I finally graduated! If you are feeling stuck or in a slump this post is for YOU! 

When I first decided to share my story and write this post, I wondered if it would offend my siblings and even my parents. After much thought, I realized that what I am stating what I’m feeling and what I feel to be truth in my heart. After high school I decided to attend college, and just like so many others I didn’t make it through to graduate. I used the death of my grandmother as an excuse to not go back. We all know that grades accumulate over a semester and not within a weeks time. It’s true she was sick for a while and I would go to see her when I could, but I was young and naive, so I ran with that excuse. 

Not finishing what I started has always haunted me. I wanted so badly to be able to say look I have my degree mom and dad finally. I decided to go back and stick with it. There were some long nights and early mornings, but I wrote every paper and studied the best I knew how. It’s difficult to run a business, be a wife, and mom of 3 and try to pass classes. Let’s be clear, I’m not 18 anymore (just a few years over though :)). 

I’m writing this post for YOU!!! I am the first to receive a college degree out of my entire family, and to be honest I feel really proud. My parents didn’t graduate from high school, my siblings did but not college. I felt like I was trapped and would fall into the same path. I wanted more. I wanted to show my children that I really do practice what I preach. How about you? Are you stuck? Have you started something and want badly to finish? Get back to it!!! Find your way back! You’re probably saying, Hmmmmm it’s easy for her to say, but no it wasn’t easy. I felt guilty! Guilty that I wasn’t holding up my end of the marriage bargain. Guilty that my children were not getting the proper attention from me that they desired because of a paper that I procrastinated to write. 

Look around you! Take inventory of your environment! Are there people on your team that are lifting you up or bringing you down? Do you have supporters (you need support). Find people that have made it to where you want to go, and become friends with them. If they are on social media look at how they act and carry themselves. 

You have the right to determine where people fit in your life in every season of your life, but don’t let people tell you where they fit in YOUR life! 

I pray increase over you, and pray that God will open up doors that noone can close in your life. God is about to pour out blessings over you and your family that you won’t have room enough to receive. Be a blessing. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and can take something away from it. Do me a favor and find me on facebook and tell me how you will break away from whatever bondage is holding you back. 

Continued Blessings, 


Feb 28

How To Outsource Effectively

By Tasha | Uncategorized

Need a Virtual Assistant, but don’t know how to get one? 

Outsourcing Your Dream

No one knows your business the way you know it. You know the vision, so therefore you know how you want it to look and work for you. With that being said, it’s okay to want to make sure that everything is always done the way you want it. 

In order for you to make sure your business is running just as you want, you’ll have to add project manager to your title. With your new title, you’re farther away from focusing on the profitable side of your business. 

Why Not Team Up With A Virtual Assistant?

Steps to Outsourcing effectively:

  • Create a guide of what you want done and share your vision. 
  • Set aside time for Skype, email, or some form of contact with your VA. This is just a quick check in to make sure things are flowing as scheduled.
  • Be sure to provide various ways of contact – in case of immediate questions. Social Media won’t wait. 
This is your business. Virtual Assistants are there for you and help to carry the load. 
Don’t stress, get out of the mess, call a VA! 
The end result is that you run a happy, stress free, profitable business. 
I want to know of any tasks you have that might need delegating. I have made it easy for you to comment below, or to get more personal join me on my Facebook page
See you there,