Shanshera Quinn CEO & Chief Copywriter

I would highly recommend Tasha to any entrepreneur

Before I started working with Tasha, as my part time VA, I was struggling with having time to do the things I needed to do to grow my business. I was surviving but barely thriving. I was working with my clients, writing copy, handling all questions and client care tasks AND… taking care all of the back end work, like setting up webinars, updating my website, posting blog posts and setting up newsletters. This left me little time for creating new content or marketing. However, once I hired Tasha, she took over all the back end work for me, which freed me up to develop more content and do more marketing. As a result, I have almost doubled my monthly income coming into my business. Tasha is very timely and accurate with assignments given. She is also very responsive when I need her and won’t hesitate to research and find answers for me. She’s very proactive and seems to know when I’ll need her help before I even have to ask and she’s always ready to assist. She is really a godsend and treats my business as if it’s her own. If you want a VA who truly cares about your work and helping your business thrive, then you should look no further. I would highly recommend Tasha to any entrepreneur looking for an assistant you can trust so you can be freed up to do the tasks that generate revenue for your business.

Shay Doerflinger

You do an excellent job with WordPress

I truly appreciate your help and your desire for excellence. That is quite rare these days. I pray that God will bless you and give you more business than you can imagine!! God always gives me the very Best and I Know that's why He connected me with you! Not only do you do an excellent job with WP, but your words reveal a kind heart and a very patient spirit. Thank you again!

Leona Jackson

Thanks for keeping me organized

I am very thankful for all your help and work. It has been an honor to get to know you a little and to work with you. I am happy that you came into my life at this time and helped me out. Your work was done in a timely and courteous manner. I appreciate that! Thanks for keeping me organized and in the loop.

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