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By Tasha | VA Services

Feb 07

Where To Begin With A Virtual Assistant!



There are so many different types of Virtual Assistants that offer so many different types of services. You might be finding it hard to narrow down exactly what you need a Virtual Assistant to do.


Just to name a few services, I have compiled a list that I think you will find helpful in your search.


You may be looking for general business management services, and in this case your VA will be responsible for some if not all of these services.

• Return phone calls

• Manage emails

• Set up your email and signature

• Schedule appointments

• Remind you of appointments and special dates

• Word processing

• Data entry

• Proofread and edit documents

• Convert files

• Guide you through computer tasks

• Manage travel arrangements


If you are looking for a social media Virtual Assistant, they may be responsible for some if not all of the below.

• Creation and manage of your Facebook page

• Create cover photo and profile picture

• Installation of apps and create image for apps

• Help with linked in profile

• Install keywords

• Post daily to Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter.

• Create and Send newsletters


Are you looking for website and/or blog management? Your virtual assistant may do some or all of the following.

• Create and maintain you website.

• Add new content to your website

• Manage comments and trackbacks on your blog

• Install plugins for your blog

• Research

• Find content for your website and blog


There are so many more tasks you can delegate. Just keep thinking about work someone else can do. Anything that frees up your time and allows you to focus on items that can boost your profits.



Tasha Smith is the visionary and CEO of LinkedVirtually.com. She has been an Executive Assistant for over 10 years and a Virtual Assistant for 2 years.


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